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Hardy Ecke

Saturday, 9th of January 2016
Logger in Lace Finally a new painting
It's about time.
I have to apologize
to all of my art friends.
The painting-machine
is running again.

Helge Bathelt the hunter
and gatherer of art
stepped back and
retired in 2013.

A personal letter
from Tom Wolfe from 2007
New guestbook
since July 2014
Tyrannosaurus Rex "ROOOAAAAARRRRRRRRR !"
No way to save the world,
can not be killed.
The Encyclopedia
has been shut down.

Chinook King Salmon Hardy Ecke Fish paintings
born in the USA
fishes in oil
to your hearts content
Giclee prints
of my paintings
are available.

The drawings
are in the website
as they were before.

Hardy Ecke motorcicle tour in Washington

Hardy Ecke in the studio

Hardy Ecke in the studio

Chinook King Salmon Hardy Ecke